These Award-Winning Vines Are Everything A 6 Second Film Should Be

Vines aren't exactly the newest from of high art. But while poorly edited Vine's of your friends' cats doing nothing are probably what you see most often, there are some pretty good ones, with a bit more meat to 'em. These Tribeca Vine Competition winners are a pretty good sample. They're so good you might even go "huh!"

We brought you a couple of our favourites from the shortlist a little while back, and now the winners in each category (Auteur, Genre, Animated, and Series) have been picked out. For the most part, they're worth the six seconds they take to watch. Considering the limits of the form, that's not bad. Strap yourself in for a 36-second ride.





You can hop over to the Tribeca Film site to read about why each one won. But what do you think? Do they prove the form or just prove it's all hot air? [Tribeca Film]

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