These Are North Korea’s Favorite Things To Pirate

These Are North Korea’s Favorite Things To Pirate

When North Korea isn’t busy shooting missiles into the sea or photoshopping its navy to make it look a little less pathetic, it takes to a very global hobby: torrenting. TorrentFreak took a peek into exactly what the would-be-supervillain nation-state likes to pirate and well, they’ve got to get their surveillance software somewhere.

With North Korea’s Internet being as locked down as it is, there’s not too much activity over there, but TorrentFreak was able to narrow down some goodies to IP address that are officially registered to the regime. Any guesses on what their favourites are? No, you can’t guess porn because that’s too easy. And also right.

From TorrentFreak:

And that’s not all either; looks like someone really wanted to watch Life of Pi. And also The Following, for some reason. Big Kevin Bacon fans I guess. TorrentFreak notes that North Korean IP-ranges have been vulnerable to hijacks in the past, but who would hijack a North Korean IP and then just use it for casual downloading? These are probably the real deal.

Maybe we all have more in common than we thought. Let’s stop with the missiles and just have a TV night. We’ll bring the popcorn… and the content. [TorrentFreak]