The Iron Man 3 Story Disney Didn't Want Told

Iron Man 3 hits cinemas this week, and it's one hell of a ride. Interestingly, however, it's not the ride that director Shane Black wanted to take viewers on. He wanted to tell a different story arc, but Disney overruled him. Here's the story you could have been told in Iron Man 3.

Director Shane Black told Comic Book Movie that the original drafts of the script told a much different story than the one we ended up getting. Black wanted to tell the Demon In A Bottle storyline, that focuses on Tony Stark's alcoholism. Interestingly, "mummy bloggers" are most to blame. When asked if there was stuff that he couldn't put in the movie:

The drinking. Even if you look at the websites of the mommy bloggers they say, you know, 'Watch out, mom's! Tony drinks in this movie!' It's amazing. There's one or two scenes in this movie where he picks up a drink and it'll be in those blogs. They'll say 'watch out because he drinks'. It's pretty amazing because it used to be you drank all the time in movies.
I think we were just told by the studio that we should probably paint Tony Stark as being kind of an industrialist and a crazy guy, or even a bad guy at some points, but the Demon in a Bottle stuff of him being an alcoholic wouldn't really fly. I don't blame that.

The story that's actually being told in Iron Man 3 is the Extremis storyline (synopsis inbound, avoid if you want to go into it clean), that focuses on a madman, hell-bent on making America pay for its sins against the Eastern world by a terrorist known as The Mandarin, as an evil scientist works behind the scenes to create a secret army of powerful regenerating soliders in the hope of destroying Iron Man and the United States.

We'll have our review of Iron Man 3 shortly. [Comic Book Movie]


    alcoholic or not this is one of my favourite movie franchises of all time

    cant wait to see it!


      Better than the green lantern?!?!



      Agreed, even though spider-man was my childhood favourite, iron man is the best movie adaptation IMO.

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        Really? I didn't feel either of them. The 1st had some good moments but the 2nd was pretty average. The ending especially was just CGI rubbish.

        Not like the ending of Avengers which was CGI AWESOME!!!!

        Definitely I think the batman trilogy is the best superhero series so far. Even with the 3rd being fairly crap.

          it's IRONMAN, better than any super hero ones... Just hoping the next Wolverine movie is better than the first one.

          I thought the first two Iron Man movies were both a bit of fun but also both let down by uninteresting villains. It's basically Robert Downey Jr carrying the entire franchise.

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        come on! green lantern was awesome! seriously not being sarcastic here!!!

    Didn't the second movie focus on his alcoholism? why do we need another one?

      Yeah you're right, though the repercussions of his alcoholism in that movie wasn't that impacting. And wasn't really resolved since he was busy not letting Warmachine in the limelight.

      because Tony Stark is an alcoholic for most of his comic book run.

      His alcohlism was touched on in the first and emphasised in the second for the plot, but he hasn't really dealt with it, and unless you read the comics it doesn't really highlight just how much it impacts his character.
      I was expecting a "Demon in the Bottle" adaption for this installment, after the second movie's lead-in, where he actually forced to face the consequences of his actions. Maybe next time

        I was really hoping they would've played up his "troubled genius" nature. By damn I hate Disney for well... Disney-fying movies. Hell, they didn't even play around much with his womanizing nature. If I remember correctly, while Pepper was with him, he still slept around a lot until he finally goes for her only (which is pretty far in the storyline I think...)

      I didn't think he was actually an alcoholic in the second one... much as he was drinking heavily due to his terminal condition, and pretending to be an alcoholic to get Rhodey to step up and fill the gap that the death of Tony Stark/ Iron Man was going to leave

        Alcoholic Tony Stark screenshot:

        Not much of a film, just Tony asleep in a pool of his own vomit for one and a half hours. I don't think the demon is in the bottle, it resides dormant in all of us, the bottle just waters it and helps it grow. Some are susceptible to "over watering" and some aren't. Well that's my personal experience anyway. Then again, I am an alcoholic and not to be trusted, especially with the cooking sherry.

        There's this one line from One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest that has always stayed with me. The chief is having a talk to Murphy about his alcoholic relative, he says "After awhile, the bottle started drinking out of him". Very true. Unless you're an alcoholic, you can't really understand what it means.

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      Maybe we can have a sip of the Heart Of Tony Starks Darkness next time.

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    Pass, the last 2 iron man movies were kinda crap, the first one started out strong then flopped, teh second one was just a mess.

    I was hoping for a darker iron man 3 especially if they are going the extremis route, but if this is how disney are looking at it i'll pass at paying for it. as long as its not as bad as the last spiderman movie, or the last batman movie it should be mediocre at best and maybe worth a download... maybe

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    Typical. The minority with the loud voice and nothing to do get to ruin it for the rest of us.

    If you don't like the comic movie franchises just go see oblivion at least the story is original unlike these comic book movies that seem to piss everyone off when there not 100% like the comic books.

      I actually like the slip in exact detail from comic book to live action. It's flawed and not perfect, just like reality is in real life, and part of its charm. Something is lost, but also gained in the transition from comic to live action. Having a movie be identical to the original comic would be boring.

      From conception to creation, the finished result is often slightly different from the original idea. It evolves, and these movies I consider part of the process of that evolution.

      Do you like studio versions of music, or live performances ?...Well that's the same thing I am talking about.

      Plus you only get a certain amount of time to cram in years of character development into a one and a half hour movie.

      As for Oblivion, it's hard to tell if Tom is acting or just being himself, if you take his Scientology beliefs into consideration XD

      Same goes for Will Smiths new father and son movie.

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    Loved the first one, the second one was pretty meh and then by the time I watched the Avengers Tony Stark just became an annoying , smart ass , rich little bitch that needed a punch in the face.
    I hope this one is good and they've toned him down a bit and made him not as abnoxious.

    Couldn't care about iron man himself, just want to see how this sets the tone for the 2nd Phase of the marvel film universe.

    He's a B grade hero that has been bumped up since all the other high profile heroes are owned by competing studios.

    Hurry up Guardians of the Galaxy.

      I'm assuming you're a Marvel fan, I myself can't wait for the next wave of Marvel films........But how is Iron Man a B-Grade Hero?? Sure Iron man's exposure has hit an all time high for the last 5 years more than ever before, but i remember back in the 90's Iron Man appearing in an animated series and many crossover cartoons as a kid, and i even had the toys from that cartoon series. B-Grade Heroes/Characters don't get their own cartoons and products like that! May not have "Batman" status, but the Iron Man/ Tony Stark character is certainly on everybody's lips these days! And Marvel has certainly done the character justice in recent years!

      ironman is like batman of is that b grade

      Are you serious?!? How is Iron man a B class hero! Sure he's not like Captian America or Spider Man. But he's still up there with them!

      I actually only just started watching Marvel films (don't hate me plz). I was over at a friends house when they showed me iron man. He was trying to get me to talk but I was watching what was happening. I later watched the others (Thor, Captain America) and I still think Iron Man is better!

    The drinking was in Iron Man 2 and I had no problem with it.
    Sad that the decision is being made by mummy bloggers. *face palm*

    Interestingly enough I watch Iron Man 2 the other day on TV as my partner hadn't seen it yet.
    I actually enjoyed it a lot more the second time.
    I'm wondering if it was because I was expecting too much from 2 after 1 was so good.
    Although I also wonder if I thought 1 was so good because I went in to it with low expectations.
    Anyway, I am liking the looks of 3. I think it will be decent.

    Thank god for Disney. Who wants to see a drama flick about a recovering alcoholic? Not me. Demon In A Bottle was a bore and its movie would have been, too. Extremis is one of the greatest stories ever put to comics, and I was more than thrilled when I learned that it was the angle they chose for film 3.

    PS The spelling in this "article" gave me seizures.

      ......Luke has a drinking problem, "troubled genius" etc.

      As for your opinion, good luck with looking at the Bambi side of life all the time, it ain't ALL Bambi. Trust me on that one. Exploring the darkness in a person can be just as enjoyable as exploring their white light and daffodils side. Ask any Catholic Priest and he will agree with me.

      In nearly every comic book character, the writers have explored their characters dark side. Part of Batman's resurgence in popularity was partly because of Frank Millers Dark Knight work. Gave the character more depth in my opinion. I'm sorry, but I have to agree with the other comments on this one.

      And lets not forget The Watchmen.

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    (If you haven't read the spoilers for Iron Man 3 than don't read this, unless you don't care to have key plot twists ruined for you)

    I will still see it and probably enjoy it well enough, but I do think it's going to be something of a disappointment. A film with a much more accurate to the comics Mandarin and Tony dealing with his alcoholism could have been great, and I think potentially the best of the Iron Man films. And I mean the real Mandarin adapted/updated, but kept truer to the source material than how he's ended up. Such as keeping the proper heritage (Half Chinese and half English) and having the Ten power rings. Because to be quite frank taking away Mandarin's rings is like talkign away Wolverine's Claws, Captain America's Shield, Thor's Hammer, Dr. Octopus' tentacles, Dr. Doom's armor, etc. And once you've introduced character like Thor, Thanos, and coming soon a warrior talking alien raccoon than I don't think the idea of having rings like that is to out there of an idea. (Heck, Nolan was able to make Ra's Al Ghul a caucasian chracter in "Batman Begins" and yet still kept him true to his roots. and definitely moreso than how they're depicting Mandarin in this film) The idea of him having ties to Tony's past in that he was the commander of the Ten Rings terroist group that kidnapped him was cool, and the idea of him steamrolling Tony's life is arch-enemy worthy, and that would have been a perfect segway into having Tony regress into alcoholism. A trouble of his that was introduced but not fully confronted in "Iron Man 2". As Jon Faverau put it, "Iron Man 2" was the story of how you get to "Demon in a Bottle", not "Demon in a Bottle" itself. "Iron Man 2" showed him go to it in a time of despair (when he thought he was dying), and thus it would make sense to say he fell into his alcholism in full force after apparently losing everything. And thus Tony would be confronted with both his greatest external and internal threats at once, and that would be cool to see. Having to rise up over (one of if not) his greatest personal demon to defeat his greatest foe. Now that would have been a great Iron Man movie. Not to mention that it would have brough full circle arcs that were started in the two previous films. The Ten Rings from the first "Iron Man" and Tony's drinking issues from "Iron Man 2".

    I doubt this film will actually be bad or anything, I'm betting it will be a quailty film and at the very least I bet it will be fun. But there actually were rumors of IM3 dealing with Mandarin and the Demon in a Bottle sort of story years ago, and i think there was a lot of potential there.

    Sorry, I'm done rambling.

    "I think we were just told by the studio that we should probably paint Tony Stark as being kind of an industrialist and a crazy guy, or even a bad guy at some points, but the Demon in a Bottle stuff of him being an alcoholic wouldn’t really fly. I don’t blame that. "

    ....more like doesn't sell. Target audience people, target audience. Target audience is where the $ are.

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