Telstra Quietly Announces Incoming Multi-Device Data Sharing Plans

Seems Telstra is in a plan-announcing mood this week. First, there was the whole no-contracts deal and now, the telco is looking to release new plans that'll allow customers to "share [their] data across a number of mobile devices".

Unfortunately, that's all we know right now, with the announcement little more than a tease. Here's the meat and potatoes:

You may have read today about some new plans we will be launching in the coming months, which will let you share your data across a number of mobile devices (such as your smartphone, tablet or Mobile WiFi).

We believe these plans will be perfect for people who want to streamline and make the most of the data they pay for, without complication.

It's interesting to know, but there's not a lot of information to go on. Actually, there's no information at all, leaving us with speculation.

As Ausdroid's Daniel Tyson points out, Verizon provides data sharing plans, but you have to pay for each device you use. So while you might get convenience, it could end up costing more than separate plans.

Telstra states more info will be forthcoming in the "next few months", so let's see what eventuates.

[Telstra Exchange, via techAU and Ausdroid]



    interesting to see that they think people dont already share their data among their devices, t&c's be damned

      That's not what this is. This will allow you to have more than one SIM on one plan and share the data allowance between devices.

        ah now i see. so you can have a shared data allowance for a family like a single net connection.
        THAT makes sense as a product :)

          And just like the broadband connection the teenage son will kill it all haha.

            Yep, that school homework of his seems to use an *awful* lot of data. Hmmm...

    What happened to this?

      Telstra decided they make far too much money off excess usage charges.

      Excess usage alone is worth billions to the telcos (no joke). It's fair to say at this point Telstra will never introduce it for mobile phones until government regulation forces them to do it.

      You can already get excess usage on Telstra with a pocket wifi modem, but expect to pay for it.
      Bigpond mobile broadband plans feature shaping:
      But "Telstra" mobile broadband plans do NOT:

      As you can see there is a cost difference of about $15 a month to have shaping. The 8Gb plan costs $50 per month with Telstra and excess usage charges, and $65 per month with Bigpond and shaped data.

      The difference shrinks to $10 a month if you go on a 2 year contract. So let's say you wanted a new HTC One and you wanted to beat the system. You can sign up for a 2 year contract at $70 a month with 1Gb data. A $60 data pack would normally give you 9Gb data and would cost $130 a month. To carry around a mobile wifi and get a 8Gb plan with shaping would cost the same $60 a month for 2 years, or $130 a month total. You would just have slightly less convenience having to carry & charge a 2nd device.

      Virgin is the only other brand i know of that offers "shaping" of mobile broadband (not on phones, only pocket wifi devices) in Australia. Internode and some others will stop your internet from working until you pay for a data pack, which is more like prepaid.

      Last edited 22/04/13 9:10 am

      The technology wasn't up to scratch yet, so it was postponed while it is being worked on.

    This sounds like the beginnings of what Ive been waiting for. You pay for a user to connect to the internet, not a device.
    Right now we pretty much have separate plans for each device. PC, phone, tablet. . .
    The user should pay for data and be able to access that however they want on whatever they want.

    God damnit. I just got a wifi Helix because I wasn't going to pay for two data plans. I'd happily have a sim in my phone and device as long as I wasn't paying for two data plans and two download allowances.

    Finally! They had this in Singapore 10 years. I've been asking for this here for a while now.

    I have been waiting for this for years! I have a iPad mini and a PS Vita with 3G and don't want to have to juggle multiple account just for data. I'm guessing that the data will cost more then normal but will save a huge pain in the ass.

    Optus has this when you connect your business mobile plan with a mobile broadband connection

    I have been wanting this since I got my tablet 2 years ago. I have a Vodafone postpaid service and a Samsung Galaxy tab (which actually still works really well) with a prepaid service that I didn't renew. the reason why I never bothered to renew the prepaid SIM was that I couldn't justify paying $30 a month when I use it 99% of the time at home over wifi. If I'm on the go I could tether it, but that drains the battery of my handset so I don't so it that often. I reckon on my tablet I could benefit with 2gb of data for a year, but no more than that. There are basically no low data, long expiry services out there so in the short of it VF are losing from some revenue opportunity here (I think there is a big market for this).

    You may ask why I have a 3G tablet if I never use the 3G service? I wanted to be an early adopter of an android tablet, and the Galaxy Tab was the 2nd one to come out - there weren't any other devices with Honeycomb on them at the time.

    Anyway - my 2c.

    It's Telstra, of course it's going to be expensive!

    I used to be Anti Telstra with it comes to Mobile Services, but nowadays you just cant compare them to other Telcos, you get top notch connectivity speeds, coverage and reliability over-all in general compared to others.

    Vodafone still trying to drum around their 4G promos and still doesn't compare to Telstra's infrastructure.

    ive compared all the Telco's mobile service speeds around Sydney CBD and surrounding areas and nothing comes close towards Telstra.

    I look forward to when plans come in to play about DATA transmission through our train metro network and tunnels, then i'll be happy :)

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