Tangible Alarm Smartphone Dock: Shove To Snooze

It's early morning. Your phone is screaming at you. Unless you open you eyes and seek out some the right little virtual button, it will never stop. But the Tangible Alarm could bring back the eyes-closes snooze-button flailing of days gone by.

A concept by Victor Johansson, the Tangible Alarm would provide a backup for your phones built-in alarm. Instead of having to shut it off or snooze it manually, you could just shunt the blaring monstrosity to the right to snooze, or to the left to shut it off entirely. The board would communicate with the phone wirelessly, and you'd never have to so much as glance at the screen.

How it would work exactly is still up in the air. Constant NFC polling would be a huge power-drain (and isn't allowed through the lock-screen on Android), so it would probably have to be Bluetooth, or maybe just weight-sensitive. Either way, just throw wireless charging in there and you'd have something worth the table space. Blind fumbling never sounded so good. [Yanko Design]

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