Swim In This Chlorine-Free Swiss Pool With 1999 Of Your Closest Friends

Does the good weather have you hankering for a swim? In that case, check out the Naturbad Riehen, an "outdoor bathing lake" in Riehen, Switzerland. Although it won't be open for another year or so, it looks utterly sublime.

But isn't an outdoor bathing lake just a fancy way of describing the wave pool at Hurricane Harbor? Not exactly. The pool will be filled with natural, chlorine-free and chemical-free water. So don't worry about your hair turning green, thanks to a completely natural filtration process. It works like this: first, a series of filters strain out grease, hair and other particles from the water. It's then sent to nearby basins that use plants like water lilies and irises, as well as sediment to get rid of bacteria and other nastiness.

Naturbad Riehen will have a lap pool, a regular pool, kiddie pool, diving area and park zone for kids. Besides it's fancy filtration process, it's also special because it's designed by world-renowned Swiss firm Herzog & de Meruron. While that name might not be familiar right off the bat, you'd definitely recognise some of its projects like the Tate Modern in London or the Bird's Nest Olympic Stadium in Beijing. So you can certainly expect that this will be one very incredible pool.


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