Store Your DSLR In This Camera Lens Stool So Your Most Expensive Possessions Can Hang Out

We have to get over it right up front. This stool costs about $US780, which is stupid a lot. But now that it's out in the open we can move on and admire how cool it is, right? Riiight?

You might as well buy a low-end DSLR with the same cash, or pay rent or whatever, but if you've got money to burn Mónoculo Shop can hook you up with a reflex lens stool that's super detailed. The stool is handmade from Ayous wood and has a storage compartment inside. There's only one unit so get moving. [Etsy]


    I feel like this would eliminate the "class" from any room. Even a beanbag is more pleasing in a room. It seems like a toy that a very young, aspiring photographer would have in high school. Cool idea, but i'm not too fond of the result. Maybe its the DSLR Lense coffee mug craze that put me off

    Still cheaper than the actual lens!

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