Stolen Laptop Is Sending The Owner Secret Photos From Its New Home In Iran

Dom Del Torto is an animator currently living in the UK. Dom Del Torto's laptop is a MacBook Pro currently living 4800km away in Iran. This was not a planned separation.

In fact, Del Torto would desperately like for his laptop (and iPad, at that) to return, but both were stolen back in the beginning of February after someone broke into his flat in London. The iPad is still missing, but the laptop, which Del Torto cleverly loaded with Hidden App, came to life after about a month of not being connected to the internet to let him know exactly where it was. And what its new owners were doing.

So, naturally, he created the tumblr Dom's laptop is in Iran to document the hijinks and misadventures of these unassuming Iranian Jenga enthusiasts.

Now, in all likelihood, these are not the people who stole his laptop. Plus, there's little he can actually do, since Iran is out of the police's jurisdiction — but he did, at the very least, get to make a new friend sort of a little bit. But the whole tumblr is delightful, and you can check it out in its entirety right over here. [Dom's laptop is in Iran via The Telegraph]

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