Shopster: Make Return Grocery Trips A Thing Of The Past

Shopster: Make Return Grocery Trips A Thing Of The Past

Almost everyone has been there at some point or another: after lugging armfuls of newly purchased groceries home, you put everything away only to realise you’ve forgotten the one item you actually needed. A minor problem, maybe, but it’s nonetheless infuriating. Fortunately, Shopster can help.

What does it do?

With the help of geotracking, Shopster takes note of both what you like to buy and where you like to buy it. After checking off an item you’ve purchased — just as you would with any other listing app — Shopster remembers where you were when you bought that particular item. So the next time you happen to be strolling nearby, the app will shoot off an alarm, reminding you its time for a restock. You’ll never come (unwittingly) empty-handed again.

Why do we like it?

It works just about everywhere, no matter what country you’re in, so long as your device has reception. Unlike other listing apps, Shopster really only organises one aspect of your life — which means it does that one thing very, very well. This extreme focus also means the app is pretty simple to use. There’s only a few screens to flip through, and once you’ve made a few purchases, the app pretty much works entirely on its own. If you’re someone with impecable recall, it’s easy to see how the reminders would be more annoying than anything else. But if you’re the type of person with a lot on their mind, this could be a major time saver.

Shopster – The geo-learning groceries list

Download this app for: iOS ($0.99)
The best part: not even having to set reminders
The worst part: unwanted alerts can be a pain