Shake This Curvaceous Spice Grinder For Perfectly Pulverised Seasonings

If you like to be as physically involved with your cooking as possible, swap your electric spice grinder for this beautiful alternative that puts a unique spin — or shake — on the traditional mortar and pestle. Inside the Paprikum is a polished metal ball bearing that can turn any dried spice into a powder in no time.

The grinder comes apart at its mid-section with a simple twist, so loading up spices and cleaning it look pretty easy. And thanks to a small opening found on the top, Péter Toronyi's lovely design even doubles as a spice shaker. Pricing details aren't readily available, but you can apparently contact Péter via his site if you'd like to order one to spice up your own seasonings.

[Péter Toronyi via Notcot]

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