Samsung's New Galaxy Mega: 6.3 Inches Of Oversized Smartphone

Samsung has officially announced the arrival of its new gargantuan handsets. The new, aptly named Galaxy Mega will be available in both 5.8-inch and 6.3-inch versions — for people with freakishly large hands everywhere.

The new pair of phones, both of which are bigger than Samsung's already enormous 5.5-inch Galaxy Note 2 (check out a comparison shot below, from Ubergizmo), are actually fairly modest in terms of spec. The 6.3-inch phone offers up a 720p display, LTE connectivity, 8GB or 16GB of storage, and a 1.7GHz dual-core processor. The smaller 5.8-inch model has a qHD display, HSPA connectivity, 8GB of storage, and a 1.4GHz dual-core processor.

In terms of similarities, both have IR blasters, an 8MP camera, 1.5GB of RAM, a microSD slot, and run the latest version of Jelly Bean. They will also, apparently, feature some of Samsung's new software, like Air View and Pop-Up Play. Ubergizmo got an early play with the 6.3-inch model and, oddly, was reasonably impressed. Huh.

There's no word yet on exact availability, although they'll initially be available in Europe next month before gradually going on sale elsewhere. Nor, for that matter, has Samsung announced pricing — but given the specs, they should be cheaper than the Galaxy Note 2. It's just not clear who on Earth will buy one.

[Samsung via Ubergizmo]



    I'll stick with my Droid Razr HD. You could just about surf on the Galaxy Mega.

    This is getting ridiculous, 5 inches is big enough as it is. Phones are becoming a dick size competition of who has the biggest one to show off.

      I can't disagree . . . I have a 27" monitor and I've wondering when some company will turn that into a phone :-)

        slightly relevant

        i have a 30" monitor, mines bigger and satisfies me better in bed (i sit in bed to watch from a distance, so better pixel density)

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          So you need a 30 incher to satisfy you in bed!?!

            I have a 46 incher that satisfies me in bed....could do with a 55 incher for full satisfaction though....

              My girlfriend says my 40 inch satisfies her in bed but I know she's just saying that not to hurt my feelings :(

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      Well that explains why Apple only just went to a 5 inch screen....

      Can't agree. Don't think anyone - manufacturers or consumers - think about showing off by having large screens. It's all about functionality. We call them smart phones, but they are really computers with phone capability. They are used for instant messaging, texting, gaming, browsing, music, email, photos, videos, facebook, navigation, accessing catalogues, accessing price lists, maintaining schedules etc. A larger screen makes anything requiring interaction with the screen easier. I haven't used a 6.3" phone but on the face of it seems a good compromise size - not too big to handle/carry as a phone but also large enough to use as a tablet. The market, as always, will decide.

    It is good to see, that some companies still innovate. Unique design, top notch building materials.
    Well done!

      Innovate? The only innovation we've seen in the past 5 years are bigger screens.... that's it. The entire market is stagnant of developing something new, people dwell on "new" features that are so miniscule they actually believe it's a significant jump in technology.

      This is Planned Obsolescence at it's finest -- fooling the people into thinking yearly updates are worthy of a purchase.

        It seems internet sarcasm is lost on you.

        That said, I don't believe that EVERY new model of everything needs to be an innovation. More consumer choices are never a bad thing. No one cares when a new laptop isn't ground breaking..

          It is interesting to see 2 extremes, when Apple has only one smartphone (4S aside) and Samsung has a gazillion .

            Though you wouldn't know it from how similar the Samsung phones look

    If there's a target market, why not? It's just business.

      Exactly. People get so worked up over products that aren't designed specifically for them, it's ridiculous. If you don't want a big screen, don't buy the damn thing. Some people do want that.

        You're right about people getting worked up over products that aren't designed for them. Believe me - I completely understand how frustrating it is when people start sticking their nose into things that don't concern them and then getpissed off. However the problem comes in when the flagships are getting hideously oversized and if you want something more modestly-sized, you have to sacrifice a lot in the Specs department. The smaller phones get well and truly left behind.

        Like seriously, what's the best option for a 4.3" or less Android (which is what I'd personally deem comfortable)? RAZR M or GS2? Both of these have internals that are basically 2 years old, in terms of spec and relatively low-res screens. If there is a phone I'm missing, please let me know - I'm genuinely interested, but I don't think there is one (no-name knock-offs don't count, lol)

        As much as people are going to bitch about this, the iPhone 5 seems to be the only modestly-sized phone that is a well-specced (while the CPU/MEM aren't necessarily up-to-scratch with the Android flagships, it's still dramatically faster than anything else at that size and has an awesome screen. You can say "well go with that", but it leaves you in the dark if you want Android (or WP8, for that matter, but they're usually underpowered to start with)

          Was just about to say this exact same thing.
          The problem in the android space is that all the flagship phones keep getting bigger and bigger.
          It is hard to find a smaller flagship android phone.
          The various companies have gotten into this war over phone size and I don't think it's necessarily a good thing.
          I have my One X and love the size. My fiancée has a Note II and loves it as well. And I can see myself using something the size of a Note II but anything bigger then that would be a struggle I think. And many people now think my One X is too big and there is not much for them to go too in the field if they want a top end but smaller sized phone.

          I definitely understand where you're coming from. The 4.3" screen size isn't one I've researched well, but there's a list here ( you can sort by screen size and there are a LOT of 4.3" in there. Some of them seem like pretty decent names (RAZR, HTC One S, a handful of Xperia models), surely something in there is a decent phone.

          Maybe someone should figure out how to get Android onto Apple's hardware? =)

          I actually am happy with the size of my S2, and bemoan the fact that it's replacements are bigger and heavier by a bit. Of course there's the mini version which are under-powered to the flagship phones, but then I the S4 mini is still going to be more powerful than my S2.

          I'm pretty sure somebody is bound to make a phone that fits into such gaps in the market.

          Also the Galaxy Note didn't exactly replace the Galaxy S line, and it seems the Mega aren't supposed to replace the Galaxy line.

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    I have a 6" phone, it is brilliant for service manuals, filling out forms, surfing the net etc,
    It will still fit in jean pockets although I use a belt pouch for it.
    I will never go back to sub 5" at the minimum

      You use a belt pouch? your name Dwight Schrute?

        i dont see the problem with belt puches as long as it looks good

        i mean i bet if batman used one, everyone would be walking around with them right now

          I'm pretty sure Batman is famous for having an entire belt full of pouches, but they still aren't cool unless you are, in fact, Batman.

        This comment is amazing, did lol IRL.

      I have a samsung 7.7. It already is a phone etc so whats the big deal

    As a note 2 owner with big hands I can say that using one of these one handed would be damn near impossible

    still, people will buy them...just not me

    I dont see much value in this phone, the specs are mid-range in comparison to other top range smart phones. Its not something to rush out and buy, whats the point of releasing 1.5gig ram and dual core, then the top end ones are producing 2gig and octa processors.

    A phone just slightly smaller than my Nexus 7?

    A PCWorld quote from August 11, 2010:

    The screen size is too big for the device to be used as a smartphone (it would cover half of your face when talking), but yet too small in comparison to other tablets on the market.

    It was referring to the Dell Streak 5, a tablet-smartphone crossover with a 5 inch screen. Since then, we've seen the 4.65 inch Galaxy Nexus, the 4.8 inch Galaxy S3, the 5.3 inch Galaxy Note, the 4.7 inch HTC One, the 5.55 inch Galaxy Note II, and we're about to see the 4.99 inch Galaxy S4.

    How times have changed.

    It's good to have a choice in screen size and not just have 1 little baby screen that has no place in the smart phone market.

    @ Author: Who on Earth would buy this Phone?!! I am not sure about this one because it has modest of specs but as far as screen size, if a person can buy a Phone, a Tablet, and a laptop and carry it everyday to and from work can surely cut the numbers from 3 to 2. I am eagerly waiting for Note 3, I don't mind that big screen because while reading I am annoyed if I can't see much of the text and keeps on scrolling. For some it would be too huge but to me it will serve the purpose, if am watching a video, live matches or reading.. it would definitely looks good on decent screen size such as this phone has, though it does not offer Full HD which is disappointing. May be they would like to test the user reaction before launching Note 3.

    This phone will flop because of the lack of storage space and lack of RAM,

    With LTE networks increasing prices and reducing data quotas around the world, the idea that you can live with a 8/16Gb phone and just access everything you need from the cloud is dead and buried (if not now, then soon).

    Humans will want to store audio and video on the device eventually.

    Sadly, Samsung will never know their error, and they'll just think that 6" was too big for the market and go back to making the Note 3.

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      It can take an micro SD card so storage won't be an issue, ram will be fine for most usage.
      Also this probably will be a lower end phone price wise.

    A girl at work has a note II in one side of her purse, finally I saw a reason to buy a large phone, she hasn't got a monster phone, she has a touch screen purse.

    I don't think those using big assed phones know how stupid and douchie it makes them look, seriously. Can they make up their minds, it's either a phone or a tablet, duh. And when this stupid fad is over, nobody will want their hand me down surfboards.

    Can't u use bluetooth thingy majigs in yer ear so u never have to hold the gigantic phablet to yer puss?

    That way I can walk around speaking to whoever I want unencumbered by the outside world, and if I run into anything I'll be protected. Kind of like a digital condom.

    I have a galaxy note 2 and anything bigger than that seems silly. I have big hand so I can usually operate it with one hand. The Mega 6.3 is a joke though! It's 0.7 inches smaller than a nexus7, its crazy big. I think the ideal size of a phone is anywhere between 4.5 - 5 inches.

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