Samsung Offices Raided By Police Over Alleged LG Technology Theft

Police have raided one of Samsung's offices in Asan, South Korea, after being tipped off about the possible theft of OLED TV technology from rivals LG. Bloomberg reports that the police were looking for evidence that people connected with LG had leaked secret OLED data to Samsung.

It's currently not clear what came of the raid, and police have yet to issues a public statement. Understandably, Samsung is defensive. Speaking to Bloomberg, one spokesperson explained that the company had "no reason to steal other companies' technology" as it already has "the world's best OLED technology". Meanwhile, LG denies speaking to the police in relation to the incident.

It's not the first time that Samsung and LG have been embroiled in this kind of drama: last year, six LG employees were charged over the theft of OLED technology from Samsung. [Bloomberg via The Verge]

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