Rumoured First Picture Of Olympus E-P5 Continues Vintage Design Trend

The very first picture of what is purported to be Olympus's upcoming E-P5 mirrorless camera has surfaced. It has more of the retro touches we have come to expect know and love.

The E-P5 succeeds 2011's popular E-P3 micro four-thirds camera. Clearly Olympus is running with the success of its throwback design philosophy. This time it's taking cues from the PEN-F models from the 1960s. See below:

Details are still slim, but 43rumors is reporting that the P5 will borrow the 16MP sensor from the E-M5 and PL-5, while improving an already great auto-focus system. It will come with the new 17mm f/1.8 as its kit lens. No word yet on price or availability, but expect an Olympus announcement in the next few weeks or so. [43rumors]

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