Rowing Team Finds Unexplained Giant Head In River

Rowing Team Finds Unexplained Giant Head In River

Earlier this week, the Marist College rowing team made a very weird find in New York’s Hudson River: an unexplained 2m tall head.

The team was on a sunrise row when it spotted the disembodied noggin floating around. It’s made of fibreglass and styrofoam, and it looks like it could be a relic from ancient Rome. Why it ended up near Poughkeepsie, New York, is anyone’s guess.

The statue piece really could have come from anywhere. A rogue theatre prop from nearby Vassar? A long-lost relative of the Easter Island heads? Who knows. But the lower half of the Hudson is a tidal estuary, meaning it flows in two directions. So the head could have floated down from further upstate or perhaps from all the way across the ocean.

Somewhere, there’s a body floating around without a head, and if it’s to scale, it’s probably around 9m-12m tall. The college is currently asking around for answers, but it remains a mystery in the meantime.

[Marist College Crew Team via Newsday via Digg]

Picture: Marist College Crew Team Facebook page