Report: The Start Button Is Coming Back To Windows

Report: The Start Button Is Coming Back To Windows

If you’ve been pining for the Start button since Windows 8 arrived on the scene, we have some potentially good news. Sources who have spoken to The Verge claim that it will reappear in Windows 8.1.

The sources have suggested that the newly reintroduced button will let users access the Start Screen — not the traditional Start Menu. It will, however, reside in the traditional bottom left corner, looking almost identical to the existing Windows flag used in the Charm bar.

The start button was killed off during development for Windows 8, with developers claiming that the rise of pinning applications to the taskbar had made the little button redundant — though it was replaced with a Hot Corner. But users have been missing it: so far Pokki for Windows, a Start Menu replacement, has been downloaded 1.5 million times.

Clearly stories like that have been enough to prompt Ballmer and co to rethink the radical design move — so you can perhaps expect to see it again when Windows 8.1 rolls out later this year. [The Verge]

Picture: freestockimages/Flickr