Remote-Controlled Heli-TARDIS Is Exactly What The Doctor Ordered

We know that the TARDIS, Doctor Who's preferred method of transport, can traverse both time and space. But what if it could only manage the latter... and an air-filled one at that? The Doc would need to make certain... modifications... to get his trusty phone box airborne, modifications you too can enjoy.

Well, not just yet. The "Doctor Who Remote Control Flying TARDIS", as it's called on this product page over at Entertainment Earth is due out in July of this year, but you can preorder it now for $US46.99.

That doesn't sound to bad, but then you have to add on the postage fee: $US42.95. Maybe a local distributor will pop up at some stage, but until that happens — if ever — you'll have to be comfortable paying almost as much for the shipping as the gadget itself.

The page, sadly, does not offer any additional information, such as the weight or dimensions, the type of batteries it takes, etc, so an email to customer service might be in order before you put your cash down.

[Entertainment Earth, via Geekologie]

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