Put Your Kids To Work On A Two-Tier Lego Chandelier

It's really sad. No one can just build a chandelier anymore because their patron commissioned it for his feast hall. They all need a gimmick. Gauche. But this floor-to-ceiling design is made of 8000 clear-plastic Lego bricks and looks pretty amazing, so let's let it go. This time.

Tobias Tøstesen, an industrial designer based in Copenhagen, planned this chandelier to reflect light using clear legos. He placed all 8000 bricks by hand and conceived the piece as a showcase for natural daylight. The chandelier was presented as part of the "Tube Exhibition Concept" session of Milan Design Week.

Tøstesen says that, "bricks, despite their ubiquity, persist to challenge human creativity," which may mean that he has gone crazy staring at bricks. Or he may just be trying to restore the chandelier to its glory days. [designboom via My Modern Met]

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