Pump Up This Pressurised Hydration Pack So You Never Have To Suck

The most important thing you can pack for a long outdoor trek is water, which is why hydration packs are an ideal accessory. But trying to suck water through a long hose when you're exhausted, well, sucks. So Geigerrig is releasing a new pressurised hydration pack that's like having a Super Soaker strapped to your back.

A rubber squeeze pump stored on one of the shoulder straps lets the wearer inflate a pouch inside the pack, which pressurises its water bladder. So when it comes time to drink, biting down on the release valve on the end of the drinking hose provides a torrent of refreshment. The system also makes the $140 pack useful for filling water bottles, cleaning wounds, or even cooling off on a hot day. And, yes, there's no reason it can't be used as an on-the-go bidet too.

[Geigerrig via Gear Patrol]

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