Professionally Lighting Climbers On A Sheer Ice Wall Basically Guarantees Amazing Photos

Photographer Ray Demski recently decided to take climbers and a photography crew to a bridge in Avers, Switzerland, light an ice wall and then shoot the climbers once it got dark. The results are pretty awesome, which is not surprising, because this whole plan was...pretty awesome.

The project, called Ice Nights, was shot using three flash units powered by Broncolor Move 1200 L's on a Phase One IQ180 digital back with 645DF body. The crew set up throughout the day, placing flashes above and below the ice and positioning themselves on ropes for maximum control of the side lighting on the climbers, Alex Luger and Hanno Schluge. When it got dark they lit everything up and started climbing/shooting.

Oh, you know, just an average day on the ice wall. [PetaPixel]

Images by Ray Demski

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