Police Attack Man For Recording Them With A Cameraphone

Cameras are the new weapons, or at least that's what it seems like in the eyes of the police. Police officers from the San Diego Police Department pretty much attacked and arrested a man for recording them with his mobile phone camera.

How did this all happen? It started when the police were writing a citation for Adam Pringle (for smoking on the boardwalk). That's completely fair. But while getting written up, Pringle decided to pull out his Samsung Galaxy phone and record the whole situation. This is when things turn ugly. You can see the police officer fill out all the details on the ticket and then when he realises he's being recorded, tells Pringle to put the camera away, because it could be converted into a weapon. When Pringle declines to put it away, the situation escalates and the police officer knocks Pringle's phone down to the ground.

Pringle claims that one officer slapped the phone out of his hand while the other cop slammed him down onto the boardwalk, opening a gash on his chin. Pringle told Photography Is Not a Crime:

"Blood was everywhere. I was laying on my stomach and he had one knee on my back and the other knee on the side of my face. They kept telling me ‘to calm down,' that ‘you're making this worse for yourself,' that ‘you have no right to record us.'"

The whole ordeal starts a little before the 1:00 minute mark in the video. Pringle sounds a tad abrasive in his remarks to the officers, but it's obvious that the police officer's reaction was more than a little excessive. What's worse is that Pringle actually spent a night in jail because of this. Brutal. Read more about Pringle's situation here. [Photography Is Not a Crime via PetaPixel]



    Got nothing to hide, then why are you camera shy ?.....I've seen guys in the SAS that
    were less camera shy, and they're worst than dentists. Can't show your their face on television.

    Hi Rob.

    I think it's a control issue, with you there filming, it takes away part of their control of the situation and authority. Little Hitlers don't get their power trip.

    Either way, they don't call them "pigs" for nothing.

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      Or you could just not be an arsehole and stop filming the other person who has asked not to be filmed. Situation avoided.

      Cops have a short fuse because they have to. They put themselves in harm's way every day for our protection. The easiest way to avoid an arse kicking is to treat them with the respect they deserve.

      So when you refer to them as pigs, I'm inclined to think the same of you.

        I bet you'll say the same when someday cops feel threatened because you stared at them for more than 5 seconds, and when they attack someone you'll probably say "yeah well they put themselves in harm's way for our protection".

        Yeah Stu, because, you know, giving someone a beating for filming a cop is a perfectly reasonable and proportionate response. Hows about Cops do their jobs like professionals, not jumped up little Napoleons who love a power trip and THEN situation avoided.

        (Disclaimer, I'm not saying all cops are dicks, most are professionals, but there are a lot of dick cops out there.)

          The cop asked nicely and professionally several times for the dick filming him to stop. He even cited his reasons for wanting him to put the phone away, namely the risk of a concealed weapon (taser). The dick filming got what he asked for. Did the cop over react? Possibly. But it was a totally avoidable situation. And if the punk with the camera had just put his phone away because another human that did not want to be filmed had asked him to, his arse would have gone unkicked.

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            Doesn't matter one iota what the cop wanted. Fact of the matter is they were in a public place, the cop has NO RIGHT to tell someone not to record them. Maybe you should read up on the law surrounding this and why it's become such a huge issue instead of just being a good little drone and abiding by everything you're told. Lemming.

              Ah so you're an advocate for the paparazzi, I see. They have the same rights, too. They also get punched. Do you shed the same tears when they get beaten?

              You also have the right to eat your own shit. Does that man you should exercise that right just because you can? No. So stop.

              It matters A LOT what the cop wanted because he is a person. Any person has the right to ask not to be filmed, whether the law backs them up or not. And if you continue filming, lawfully or not, you are being a dick.

              Does the cop have a greater amount of responsibility than your average celebrity? Of course. Did he over react? Again, possibly. But, regardless of how short the cop's fuse is allowed to be, the dumb punk who thought he was “sticking it up the man" lit it. And hopefully he learned not to be surprised next time when lighting fuses causes explosions.

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                No one in Australia has the right to any expectation of privacy in a public place, and no one can demand that you stop filming them in a public place. if you don't like being filmed, you move on. If you decide to harrass or assault the photographer, then you are guilty of a crime, not the photographer. This has been established in law. Your personal opinion changes nothing. And you should know that 'being a dick' is not a crime, regardless of whether or not you think it is.

            You're so fking stupid Stu; you're suggesting that rather than recording a possibly vital piece of evidence we just put our device away when weren't legally required to..

        Thanks Mr. America, but i think you will find that Australian police are not the brutes that you have over in America. I have never seen a police person pull a weapon on a driver of a car in Australia, and i have never seen them do it when they arrest a group of people for being drunk in public.

        However in America, you would have the cop pull his firearm out simply because the guy in the car 'looked strange', and with the drunk issue, they might all be tasered.

        Respect is earned, not given due to your occupation. If the police want respect, then they need to show that to the people they are meant to protect. Clearly in America, the sh*t head police force are a bunch of c*nts, and the dumb f*ck civilians seem to go along with it.

        In Australia, the cops (mostly) look out for us, respect us and are out to help us, not go all 'hitler' on us because they have a small dick and are on a power trip.

        I would ask you stuballs, if you live in Australia can you please leave. If you dont, then get off the Australian Gizmodo site. Your backward American views are not welcome.

          Actually well said. Reminds me of the good old Offspring track "LAPD"

          Although, I think it was in Sydney a few years ago, a group of policemen realised they were being filmed by someone who was on their apartment balcony. So the police stormed the apartment, broke down doors, and arrested the guy filming them from within his own house, because they'd seen on tv the night before that a new law had been put in place in the UK that it was illegal to film police. Stupidity is everywhere, even in those you hold in high respect. (The guy was immediately released, and in follow up legal attempts for compensation and recovery of damages to the apartment building, the case was dismissed because the judge found that the police 'thought they were doing the right thing'. Nice legal precedent put in place, hm?.)

        Don't get violent unnecessarily. Situation avoided.

        People with guns and badges that have short tempers isn't such a good thing. You'd want to be able to keep a level head during a crisis wouldn't you ?....like Katrina or 9/11. Respect is a two way street.

        So when I refer to them as pigs, I think you are one.

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      Not defending the cops or anything but there have been plenty of times where cops have found phones turned into tazers and such.

      Also on the flip side of your "got nothing to hide" statement, The guy was doing the wrong thing, what is he recording for if not to provoke a reaction from the cop?

        Shouldnt we have officers that are not so easily provoked to violence? If he is allowed to film why not just do your job, then walk away? nothing else needed to happen.

        The only 'phone tasers' are ones that require physical contact to operate, they are also bulky and are usually OLD Nokia or Ericsson designs, due to the size of the components. Given that this guy has a samsung galaxy (really thin), the pig cop should be able to see this and realise he is being filmed, not lined up for a taser shot....

        In any case, the pig cop deserves to be fired, and pay for physical and emotional damages that he did to this guy. I can only hope that he would lose his house over it.

        If what he's doing isn't illegal, then the cop can't do a thing.

          Tell that to the cop/s when they're beating in your face.

    The police were perfectly within their rights and expectations to ask the camera be turned off/away. The officer was calm and considerate. asked clearly and 'nicely' in his role to maintain public order, but the individual decided that he was a higher order than those paid to protect social standards.
    It may be right or wrong - he can dispute that in court - without going via jail.
    What a moron.

      You seriously support the police officers decision to attack him because was filming the situation? These so called "trained professionals" should not feel insecure just because someone is filming them. What do they have to hide? Why do they become so defensive because the citizens are filming them doing their job?

      Why is it okay for them to use massive nationwide surveillance but not okay for us to pull out our camera?

        It *IS* okay for us to pull out a camera, despite what these police apologists would have you believe.

        They can ask for you to put it away and you can decline. If you are on public property, you can film.

        I love how putting the camera away "maintains public order". Hahahaha, what a joker that lastchancename guy is.

      I really hope you just trolling ...

      saying that if some asks you to stop filming them NICELY enough and you have to comply or get smashed is just retarded ... poor news camera guys would be killed by dozens

      listen d*ckhead, the law clearly states you can film the police doing their job, even if they ask you not too. A police officer should know the law. This one does not, and should be let go immediately.

      Sorry but the police have no right to order a person who is not under arrest (he was being given a ticket not being arrested) to stop recording. This has been tested in many court cases, both here and in the US.

      The police man was within his rights to ask for the camera to be turned off/away and the individual was within his rights to refuse to do so. Notice how the other cop didn't see the phone as a threat. Only the one writing the ticket had a problem. Seems the one on the left must have missed the "how a cell phone can be used as a weapon" seminar. Oddly I could use my head as a weapon and head butt the cop. I'd like for him to ask me to remove that.

    I don't ever remember seeing a law anywhere that makes it illegal to film anyone in public.

    Yes, there is laws in some Eastern Block countries where it is Illegal to film Government Buildings, and some of the Communist states it's illegal to photograph the military. But in American or Australian law, there is nothing about filming the police.

      Dont forget the police are above the law.
      Or at least, the American ones think that they are.

    I think the cops reaction was over the top, but you are supposed to do 'whatever' you are asked to when a law enforcement officer asks you to do it.

    The cop said to put the phone away, he didn't - the person recording is now playing a game with people who have neither the time nor inclination to play.

      You only have to follow their direction if it is lawful and or assist directly with their conduct. As filming something/anything/anyone does not impede one to do ones job it is an unjustified request and can be legally ignored. Further to that, in the interest of maintaining a legal balance, by filming the situation the police will then have video evidence which further assist with their job. This makes filming police an excellent approach to being a better citizen

    not 100% sure but i'm pretty sure that is an illegal Seizure of property.

    Land of the free right?

      And home of the brave police who beat people without just cause. Because, you know, might makes right.

    serves the idiot right for flouting the law in the first place.
    Lots of folks here seem to have forgotten that.
    No, I don't condone the actions of the police, but this fool put himself into this situation all on his own.

    this dick got everything he deserved. and for anyone thinking otherwise, let someone you dont know shove a camera in your face and see how you feel about it.
    youd probably want to smack the guy in the mouth as well.
    cops are still people just like you.

      'Let someone you don't know shove a camera in your face and see how you feel about it." I do, you do, we all do every single day. Shopping centre cameras, speed cameras, road monitoring cameras, work place cameras, council cameras. The list goes on. What happens to the footage? Who knows. Just look up youtube for surveillance camera footage and see how that's missused every day by these supposed law abiding citizens. If you don't know the usage policies of those filming you in these locations, whats the difference? Simply listening to someone say its there for our safety is exactly hearsay. Are they allowed to do it, yes. And while they might post a sign on the door cameras in use I've never seen a policy posted on the door. Do they have to abide by the law, yes. Do they actually do that, probably more yes than no. They guy in the video was within his legal rights to continue filming. The cop on the left had no issue with the situation being filmed. I guess he was off sick the day of the 'how a cell phone can be converted into a weapon' seminar.

      You're the perfect teachers pet for the government, they love people like you whom are willing to defend their childish behavior. They also like people who never question their authority because that would mean they lose their position of power. Congratulations sheep.

        ha, i fucking hate cops, the government and surveillance. it dosnt change the fact that this guy was being a fuckwit for no reason and im glad they locked him up for it.
        and who in this video is using childish behavior, the cop or the douchebag shoving a camera in his face to provoke a reaction.

          When was it a crime to be a fuckwit? When will we see you locked up then?

    If police think that being recorded will hinder their investigation, they you have to turn it off

    Also how the hell was that guy attacked? Worst article gizmodo.

    He deserves a night in jail for filming in portrait.

    I think it should have been a simple situation where the police officer could have politely asked for him to turn off the camera, I think the excuse of 'I am in a public place' was bad. The police officer has a right as does anyone to not want themselves filmed or photograph. It could have been sorted as simply. I think it was wrong on both ends. I have great respect for the Australian police force and I am happy that this sort of thing doesn't happen here.

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