Photographer Gave A Boy With Muscular Dystrophy A Chance To Live His Dreams

Here's something that'll warm your heart in a week that needs more heartwarming stories: Photographer Matej Peljhan photographed a boy named Luka who suffers from muscular dystrophy doing things he dreams about doing but his body won't allow him to. Like playing basketball or skateboarding or diving. It's beautiful.

Matej Peljhan's photo series of Luka is called "The Little Prince" and it's created by transforming the ground into an imaginative playground for Luka. Luka acts out the motions while lying on the ground and Peljhan captures him in action to create an awesome picture.

The photo series serves as a reminder of the debilitating nature of muscular dystrophy but should also help us remember how precious life is and to appreciate what we have. If Luka can, we all can. See more pictures by Peljhan here. [Matej Peljhan via Design Taxi]

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