Novo Action Cam Turns Your Extreme Stunts Into Cinematic Masterpieces

The action cam field is pretty crowded at this point, so how do you make consumers choose your offering over a GoPro? The easiest way is to just repackage the GoPro in a sturdier housing that makes it compatible with C-mount lenses and call it the Novo.

Working alongside View Factor Studios, Radiant Images have taken the guts of a GoPro Hero3 Black Edition and stuffed them into a thinner, lightweight aluminium housing that's compatible with a mountain of professional videography lenses. Its creators have also added a small CPU that's interfaced to the Hero3 which allows its auto exposure to be disabled and the aperture to be manually controlled via the attached lens.

So what do you expect to pay for such an upgrade. Nothing, because you can't buy it. Radiant Images only appears to be renting it out at $295 a day, or $885 for a week. Not including a fancy lens of course.

[Radiant Images via BoingBoing]

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