Nokia Makes Fanboys Fight In This Awesome New Ad

iSheep and Fandroids have been at war for as long as we can all remember while the rest of us just sit back and marvel at the untold destruction these two factions wreak on their ability to attract the opposite sex. Nokia is now getting in on the factional fanboy fracas with a new ad that sees Android and Apple fans fight at a wedding. Spoiler: this is awesome.

The ad takes place at a wedding, and everyone is taking photos with their phones of the bride and groom's big moment when some phone-based trash talk starts. It doesn't take too long to descend into all-out physical violence.

Honestly, I think the internet would be a better place if we could get together like this once every month or so and hash it out, fight club style.

Interesting that Nokia doesn't think that Windows Phone 8 users are prone to fighting with other fanboys and fangirls, though.

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