New Android Apps: Google Keep, Instructables, Sidewalk Buddy

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you had no excuse for being unproductive this week. What with Google's new note-taking service coming out (and staying out) and easy to use instructions that can basically tell you how to do anything, any thing you didn't get done is on you.

Keep: Google's once mysterious new note-taking service is finally here to stay, and though basic compared to similar programs such as Evernote, the benefit here is that it's extraordinarily well integrated with Android. You'll get homescreen and lock screen widgets, voice and photo integration, and a Holo interface to boot. Free.

Sidewalk Buddy: Everyone knows that driving and texting is a highly dangerous recipe for disaster, but walking and texting can be just as troubling. So for those of you that just can't quit, Sidewalk Buddy uses your device's rear camera to give you a floating, live video feed so you can essentially see through your phone without ever missing a text. Just please, please don't try to use it while driving. Free.

Instructables: You may already be familiar with the web version of Instructables, a website that offers you all sorts of DIY projects, be they lifehacking, artsy, or ever practical. The app gives you the full experience of the website, and even includes a tablet view with an excellent utilization of space. Just like the site, you can upload your own projects and instructions, adding to the over 100,000 tutorials already available. See, isn't sharing fun? Free.

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