Moscow Is Building A Giant Copper-Coated Glacier

Russia has its share of concrete monstrosities and majestic spires, but the new Moscow Polytechnic Museum and Educational Centre in Moscow manages to be neither. Instead, it's like a big, beautiful, sculpted iceberg with a parking lot.

Designed by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas — who won an international competition with their design — the museum is due to be finished by 2017. Instead of being painted, its chunky frame will be covered in pre-oxidized copper to give it its icy hue instead of the pure white other iceberg buildings have gone for.

When it's done, the museum will sit just six miles from the Red Square, a hotbed for a very, very different kind of architecture. But that's part of the point, according to the designers; the museum is supposed to challenge its precursors, but also "communicate" with them. Regardless of what it does or don't shout down the street, this newcomer is a copper-clad beauty.


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