Monday Night Web Movie: BioShock Infinite - The Movie

As a shooter, BioShock Infinite isn't that great. People came for the story and world, and that's what most people seem to have loved and have taken away from the experience. Naturally, then, somebody went and made a video including only BioShock Infinite's "best" bits.

Gameplay footage is kept to a bare minimum in this video, mostly transitions and opening doors, with an emphasis here on presenting the game's story as cinematically as possible.

It takes 3.5 hours to get through, but for those who have finished it and want to re-live it without having to go searching through all those bins again, it's also perfect.

Bioshock Infinite - Special Movie Version [YouTube, via 4CR]

Originally published on Kotaku Australia

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    It's quite annoying when you "bump" stories and remove all posts from it previously in an attempt to disguise the fact that it is old content..

    Bumping is fine, trying to mislead people is not.

    Edit: There was at least an attribution below, and to be honest I never realised that this was from Kotaku, not here. I apologise sir.

    Last edited 09/04/13 12:16 am

      That's just one of his deperate tactics. Seems to be all about stats for him & not quality journalism. Which is why I think he should have been well and truly fired by now. He's even changed his name from Hopewell to Plunkett for some reason.

        Haha, so he has - I did not notice that. I'd rather see Adam go for his 'extracurricular' activities personally.

          Is that a joke? Plunkett has been a Gawker journalist forever..

          Agreed. Especially since the conversation on the original got so incredibly negative because he was dumb enough to use an opinion piece; which was widely disagreed with; as a factual piece of evidence.

        I hadn't realized that until you mentioned it; he seems to be posting articles under two author profiles:


        And Plunkett:

        The latter being used far less often; but I have yet to see a trend in the stories...
        Very strange.
        Any comment Luke?

          It's tough to keep it civil but I'll give it a shot.

          Luke Plunkett is an Australian-based journalist for our sister site, Kotaku US. His content gets published to Kotaku as part of our partnership with Gawker Media in the US. I work for a company called Allure Media that publishes the Australian versions of Kotaku, Lifehacker and this fair and wonderful site you find yourself on.

          Luke Plunkett is a real person, all whole and true. You can see his posts on the author tag you posted, but he mostly posts on Kotaku -- being a Kotaku writer and all -- so you can see his words here (

          He also has his own Twitter account ( and I have my own Twitter account ( There's also his Facebook profile, too (

          Use your brain before your keyboard, folks. Not everything is a sinister, duplicitous internet plot.

          We cross-posted this from Kotaku -- as we disclosed in the bottom of the post -- because it's relevant for Monday Night Web Movie.

            Has anybody seen the two of you in a room together? Are you sure Luke? Look deeper....

            Perhaps Plunkett is the Brad Pitt to your Edward Norton?

            I really do apologize for the confusion; on my browser both people's profile pic were showing as yours- I hadn't noticed the US site marks.
            You get a lot of undeserved heat from this site; and I think a lot of people would have disabled comments by now; but I'm sorry for my comment; for what it's worth.

              We should go into business as investigative journalists. We can make a TV show. We'll call it Today/Tonight.

              It's bulletproof.



        Also, the reason I haven't been around for a few weeks is because I was on assignment helping to launch another cool site for Allure. It's called Business Insider Australia and you folk should all check it out.

        Alex Kidman was helping me hold down the fort for a while, but now I'm back good and proper to keep bringing you all the news and reviews you can handle.

        Thanks for the welcome back.

          Sad face. I liked the "your an idiot" reply. Sad to see you had a change of heart. I am surprised you want to invite tese commentors onto another sister site. Considerig thequality of comments on this site and Kotaku (and other sister sites) are so poor and negative. Every day another twat want to add their negative opinion to your posts. You guys should hire somebody to delete the unconstructive comments made by twats. The Internet will thank you.

            Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and we do bin the particularly poisonous ones.

          Business insider (at least the US version) is the worst thing I can imagine.

          First story: Christina Hendricks Ad For Johnnie Walker
          First feature: An AHL Player Suffered A Gruesome Injury When A Skate Cut A Tendon In His Leg

          Thanks for the insider scoop on these serious market issues. Not sure why Allure seems to be aspiring to be just like AOL :P

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