Modern Editing Techniques Transform Footage From The 1900s Into Haunting Vision

Film recording was still in its infancy 100 years ago, so the quality, obviously, wasn't up to scratch with even today's cheapest digital camcorder. But what if you took footage captured from a century ago and tweaked it to be more... modern — a faster frame rate, upscaled resolution, interpolation. What would it look like?

A YouTube user by the name of "Rick88888888" decided to revamp recordings taken from what appears to be the Mitchell and Kenyon collection. Specifically, the frame rate was altered from 18pfs to 24fps, the images upscaled and motion stabilisation applied. Missing frames were regenerated using "special ... interpolation software".

The result is... curiously mesmerising. It has a somewhat artificial feel to it, but is not as... distant... as old recordings tend to be. If you want another example, Rick88888888 applied the same techniques to another clip, which you can view below:

[YouTube, via Imaging Resource]


    Looks great in the middle, hurts your eyes around the edges, and if something big crosses the screen it goes to hell.

    No tattoos, no piercings, no hipster/gangsta wanna be styles, no one staring at their mobile phones. Weird how things where different

      Or fat people.
      I always find it amusing to watch old footage of crowds and realise just how much fatter everyone has become just in the last few decades even.

        i was thinking the same thing! there is a lack of fat people haha.

        .. mainly because most families didn't have enough to eat.

        And they all dressed the same because they usually only owned one pair of town clothes and one pair of work clothes - the town clothes were not meant to be fancy either, they were made to be thick to cover the smell because they bathed infrequently. lolz

    and all im doing is sitting here wondering why no one wears hats anymore...

    also how on earth anyone survived past the age of 7 with driving like that.

      No hats ?....You've obviously never seen wiggers. And in regards to driving, the cars of the time were slower and far less powerful than todays cars.

      Well you can rest assured, they're all dead now..... every last person. ;)

        probably everyone in this footage, but there are people still alive from 1906

      ahh back when a bitchen mustache wasnt hipster.

        its still hipster

        they were just ahead of their time

          claiming to be ahead of your time is very hipster so yes massivly hipster :{)

    Back when Americans had British accents XD

      Apparently it's the British accent that's changed, not the American one. King George III and George Washington would have spoken with a very similar accent; much more American than modern British - or at the very least, Trans-Atlantic. I read somewhere that many in the UK of 200 years ago had an accent similar to a modern Bostonian accent.

        Actually, both have changed. Remember, the Americans started out with British accents. American English has changed far more than British English.

          Have a look around on the web. You might be surprised :)

        Either way, just a theme park for religious nutcases XD

        Knew that would get a nibble lol.

        Last edited 22/04/13 11:18 pm

    Why did it take so long to have old-timey footage that wasn't sped up? It seems like history actually happened now!

      there is plenty of footage of old films with reduced speed. i guess this ones different because its been enhanced and upscaled anf all that done to it. this is probably the best example of it.

    4.30 - early version of Google Street View
    Love this remastering, brings the footage to life, instead of the silly sped up versions we're all so used to seeing

    honestly one of the best finds ive ever seen on Giz. thanks.

    It'd be nice if it was cleaned up too. Still plenty of brightness changes between frames, dust, stains and scratches.

    Somewhere in the future, someone will be doing this for the outdated video we are recording today.
    The frame paradigm will probably be dead by that time and they'll probably be using some kind of per-pixel persistence technology.

    The second clip is along Market St in San Fran, the building at the end is the Ferry Building. It looks very different these days... Street View it. Excellent clip, hilarious watching the carefree driving etiquette... the horse and cart out of nowhere between the trams at 3:24 was classic.

      It was like watching a swarm of insane ants. It definitely proved we needed traffic regulations.

    While it could use some touching up, it is a fantastic effort nonetheless and has produced something very engaging. I would love to see this colourised.

    Fascinating to see how chaotic it was with no road marking, no traffic signs, and seemingly no rules apart from keep to the right. So many near misses. No wonder the trams went so slowly.

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