Microsoft Wants To Do Another Season Of 'Heroes'

Save the Cheerleader, save the world.... That was the tagline of the moderately successful super-power serial Heroes that aired on NBC between 2006 and 2010. It was ultimately cancelled due to a dwindling viewer interest in the series, but now Microsoft reportedly wants to resurrect it as new, exclusive online content.

The series is reportedly being resurrected by MSN Video via Xbox at Microsoft in response to exclusive content like House Of Cards hitting Netflix.

TV Line reports that new characters would be introduced in the resurrected Heroes saga, with the old cast reprising their roles based on relevant storylines and their interest in participating.

Do you want more Heroes? [TV Line]

Image: NBC

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    Yes! as long as they're full length episodes. I've never seen a webisode I didnt hate.

      i loved it n would love to see it again in a new avatar.....plz bring it back!

    The series was axed because the quality of the show went down after the first season. It was like watching a car crash spread over 4 seasons.

      Yeah. The writers strike sort of sunk it even further, but they didn't really have anywhere to go after the first season. They were stuck keeping a bunch of actors on the show even though they had nothing for their characters to do. Claire was central to the first story but after that she was just weighing the show down.
      They also seemed to respond too quickly to criticism. Massive directional shifts would come from nothing so the plot just ended up a mess. Sort of makes me hope that if they bring it back they start fresh. Not a reboot, but give it a new central character, have it focus mainly on their story and give some direction to the story.

    When Heroes first came out, I thought it had huge potential. But it ended up just being about a bunch of people with superpowers fighting amongst each other. It was all rather pointless.

    hold the love stories and i'll watch it.. loved the first season and the second was not to bad but after that it sucked.
    - On second thoughts.. ditch this and bring back SGU!!!

    Last edited 18/04/13 10:21 am

      Or better yet SG1

        Macguyver made SG1. That show went south amazingly quickly after his departure.

        Season 8 was passable. 9 and 10 were rubbish. Pure rubbish.

          I won't argue with that, so the only logical thing is to bring back Jack.
          And instead of that multinational rubbish, the Phoenix Foundation heads SGC and the show returns to exploration of planets.

          But there's a twist; Murdoch has joined the remnants of a Goa'uld faction. Dun dun dun!!

          Last edited 18/04/13 11:05 am

            Seen recent photos of old Jack lately? That guy won't be coming back. D=

              Saw him in Perth for the Oz ComicCon. I guess we all age but his character is better off being left in the past.

            Also, didn't they end up with a heavily modified Prometheus shortly before the Azguard kicked the bucket? Little snakes be no match for us.

              I can't remember, I haven't watched the show for a long time, especially the later episodes, which when you watch every season one after the other, become even more of a drag.

              In regards to Jack, I don't care what he looks like these days as long as he still has the same old personality. Although whether he's physically capable of making it to the studio and acting is another matter. Maybe we can do some fancy editing/cgi using old MacGyver footage with some new and/or old SG footage and bring out 'new' episodes of SG1.

              He retired from the show full time to spend more time with his family.
              Also, the Prometheus was destroyed by an Ori designed satelite weapon. The ship that had the Asgard upgrades was the Odyssey, which was an already more advanced ship than Prometheus before its upgrades.

      SGU - are you serious? Worst show ever. If I watch one more conversation inexplicably from the vantage point of a vent, etc etc, I will murder someone. And you just made the list.

    If it can deliver a payoff about the mysteries they built up - origin of powers, "Godsend" sigil, etc - or if Bryan Fuller writes every episode, I'd be for it.

    If Microsoft want's to resurrect a popular show they should bring back Firefly. Heroes was fine for the first few season. But I don't think people now would care if it came back.

      do you have any idea how freaken old the actors look now? except summer glau of course

        So? The show doesn't have to pick up immediately where it left off.

        Really? All the stars of that show are in other series and still fine actors. Who cares how old they are.

      I'd love to see the resurrection of a little gem called "Defying Gravity."

      It had some mystery, a ton of character development that was engaging and the central story progressed in all the episodes. It was intelligent and slower paced and didn't have the 'pew pew pew' that's common in short attention span TV shows. (Loved Stargate SG1 & SGA but SGU felt like a combination of Startrek Voyager and The Young and the Restless).

        Haha perfect description of SGU. Wasn't a fan of SGA though, felt like the Phantom Menace of SG.

    I am pessimistically hopeful for this - some web series have proven to be well done, albeit very short. The original Heroes series had webisodes that aired on their website though they were, imho, badly done.

    The show was great.. At first.
    It should only ever have been a single run show.
    In other words, just one season.
    That way the original story, the one that was so intriguing in the first place, might have been given a proper ending instead of just trailing off into a rambling discourse.
    Far too many times, they try to "keep a good thing going" even after the original plot has, well, lost the plot.
    Develop shows that have a shorter run but actually finish properly.
    Quit trying to string them out, wringing every possible drop of advertising space from them until they die a slow, miserable, lonely death.

    This is the reason, I no longer bother watching any of these TV shows.
    I can't stand the idea that I'm just going to get all caught up in an interesting story, only to be left dangling week after week .. after week, after week, after week until I just get bored with it.

      haha yeah either this, or they do just cut it after 1 or 2 seasons with no forethought, and have a ridiculous ending (i.e. life on mars, Last Resort) or no ending (no ordinary family, flash forward, V)

    If the Halo 4 Forward unto Dawn is anything to go by this might be ok

    Would love to see a reboot of SAAB (Space Above & Beyond), back from 1995. Was kinda before it's time. I'd think a reboot though would take this to a new level, rather than the cliff hanger it finished on.

    SG universe please . 2nd half of second season was beginning to get interesting

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