Mazda Wants This Sleek Spider Chair Creeping Across Your Living Room

If Audi could do it, the designers at Mazda figured they could create their own custom furniture too. After all, the company's been crafting seats for its vehicles for years now. And with the Kodo chair that pedigree's immediately obvious.

The lounger has an incredibly laid back design and sits pretty close to the floor, not unlike the seats you'd find in one of Mazda's high-performance vehicles. And it's supported by a set of legs that stick out in all directions like a mislabelled four-legged spider. So if you're living room is short on space, you probably don't want this chair hogging more than its share. Revealed to coincide with Milan Design Week, there's no word on when or if Mazda plans to sell the seat, but you can buy a similar design already that comes with a free car wrapped around it.


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