Manhattan's Oldest Time-Keeping Footpath Has Been Ticking For Over A Century

Deep in lower Manhattan, embedded in the footpath, is a clock that's been ticking since long before you knew what time was. Installed in 1889 with a single redesign in 1940, the timepiece has counted off hundreds of minutes and tens of millions of seconds, all while withstanding the endless march of both time and the pedestrians above it.

Hodinkee took the time to dig into the clock's 113-year life, uncovering a storied history that seems set to continue for a good century more if all goes well, thanks to good old-fashioned solid construction. You can read much, much more about the little footpath-clock-that-could over at Hodinkee. And good luck finding a smartwatch that could last half as long. [Hodinkee via Laughing Squid]

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