Logiq Tower Stacking Puzzle: The Evil Offspring Of Tetris And Jenga

If you can easily blast your way through hundreds of lines in Tetris and stack a perfectly balanced Jenga tower to the ceiling, maybe you need a new challenge. And maybe designer Marko Pavlović has just what you're looking for with his Logiq Tower that puts a unique spin on 3D puzzles.

The $25 game comes with 15 unique pieces, including inner core shapes that anchor the puzzle to the base, and curved outer pentominos that are like Tetris pieces, but made up of five cubes instead of just four. The goal is to avoid going insane while trying to create a complete cylinder of varying heights. All in all there are 22,000 solutions to the puzzle, and remember unlike a Rubik's Cube, there are no stickers on the Logic Tower to simply peel and re-stick.

[Marko Pavlović via Notcot]

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