Let's Hope The Facebook Phone Really Does Look This Darn Beautiful

It's widely believed that Facebook will announce a new Android phone UI, called Home, along with accompanying HTC hardware tomorrow. I know, we're all thinking "ugh, Facebook phone", but everything we've heard so far is really exciting. 9To5Google claims to have some shots of the new UI, and, if they're real, it's going to be one of the most beautiful Android user interfaces to date.

From what we can tell based on these three images, the Facebook UI might address one of the biggest problems with Android skins: they get in your way. This is the kind of clean and beautiful we've been waiting for all along.

The design appears to be ultra-minimal — even the Facebook integration across the top doesn't appear at all invasive. They're smartly placed so that if you want to check in somewhere or update your status, you go to the top. It's not in the lower half of the phone where these buttons could be a nuisance.

It's hard to say for sure, but the new UI appears to have a refreshing focus on large photography — much like Facebook's beautiful redesign of news feed. From a mobile point of view this makes a lot of sense. Think about how much time you spend looking at and taking photos. [9to5Google]



    Let's hope the Facebook Phone's terms and conditions are as beautifully deceptive as their website.

    But I guess if you have nothing to hide it shouldn't matter. Apart from the fact Facebook now knows you are prank calling your ex from a blocked number and has set your relationship status from "single" to "it's complicated"

      Jokes on them I've never had a girlfriend

    I can't wait until it starts telling me things like: "You haven't called 'this friend' in a while, tell them what's on your mind!" etc.

    I honestly can't imagine why anyone would think "You know what my life needs? Even more Facebook."

    Mario, you clearly don't know much about Android if you think a) that the photo is anything unusual, and b) that Android 'skins' get in your way. The beauty of Android is that you CAN customise so much of the UI and the way it works, and it is highly unlikely that FB will do anything that hasn't been done already, or that any Android owner can do easily. If you don't like HTC's Sense UI, it is easy to install a different launcher - there a lots to choose from, and each one can be heavily customised.

    I suggest you do your homework before making inaccurate statement about Android.

      He is right in that Android skins do get in the way - especially when they go deeper than the launcher...

      Apart from that, you're right, from the photos, there's doesn't appear to be any skin at all...

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