Laser Forest Will Make You Hallucinate Without Drugs

Imagine wandering through a thicket of trees on a breezy night. Can you hear the canopy rustling above your head? Now look up and all you see are trees blasting green lasers into the sky like the Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular.

"Forest" is an interactive lighting and music installation by UK design group Marshmallow Laser Feast, which opened last month at theSTRP Bienniel in The Netherlands. Each of the "trees" in the forest is a large rod that's installed to the floor with some play such that it can sway and shiver like a tall tree. The sound in the installation responds to how the poles are moving. As you wander through, you're supposed to feel some crazy vibrations tugging at your consciousness — no magic mushrooms required.

Man, this is a totally beautiful concept we wish we could experience. Laser forest, yes!

[Marshmallow Laser Feast via This Is Colossal]

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