Kogan Offers Apology Vouchers To Dumped Mobile Customers

Kogan's mobile ambitions were somewhat dampened when the telco behind Kogan Mobile, ispONE started kicking customers off its service for what it deemed to be excessive data usage. Now it seems that Kogan's offering customers who were kicked off the service $50 sales vouchers by way of apology.

ITNews reports on the move, stating that it's a compensatory move to offer a $50 voucher for use on Kogan.com for affected customers. There's no sign of the offer explicitly on Kogan's web site, because, you know, bad publicity and all that — although that would imply some level of media training, something Ruslan Kogan explicitly ruled out in his recent Q&A appearance.

Were you a Kogan mobile customer kicked off the service, and did you get an offer of a $50 voucher? Let us know below! [ITNews]

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