Kogan Mobile Nabs Injunction Against ISPOne, Customers Safe From Booting

Kogan Mobile has scored an injunction against its Telstra network wholesaler, ISPOne, in the Victorian Supreme Court today. Translation? The wholesaler can't suspend you for "overusing" on your "unlimited" plan right now.

The Victorian Supreme Court heard the case between the Kogan Mobile and its wholesaler today, with Justice Judd finally granting an injunction against ISPOne which would serve to stop it suspending customers for overusing the service.

Kogan Mobile has had more than a few dramas with the word “unlimited” recently. After offering so-called “unlimited” plans to customers at launch, some have been left with a sour taste in their mouths after allegedly violating the company’s Fair Play policy and being shoved off the network.

The telco has accused ISPOne of acting outside of the remit of its agreement. The injunction means that ISPOne can't go around Kogan Mobile to ban customers from the network.

Don't start downloading terabyte-sized torrents just yet, though: there's still no assurance that you won't be suspended or removed from the network for going batty on your usage. [iTNews]

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