How To Get Facebook Home On Your Unsupported Android Device

Facebook Home is here, and although it's not tied to its flagship hardware, the list of phones that officially support it is kind of underwhelming. If the phone you have isn't listed, have no fear: you can try out Facebook Home too, and the workaround is pretty easy.

The process is almost identical to installing the APK that leaked before Facebook Home came out. There's just a few things you have to do. First, you've got to enable app installation from unknown sources in security settings. Then you've got to delete all the Facebook apps you already have. Depending on your ROM, that might require root. From there all you have to do is download and install the three APKs modified by Modaco's Paul O'Brien, sign in, enable Home and bam, you're done.

Unlike the leaked version, this modified one mostly works on most devices out there. The one thing missing is chathead integration, which for the moment is borked. Lucky for you, chatheads are in the stock Facebook Messenger app if you want to check them out that way, but you can't have your bootleg version of Home installed and do that, so take your pick.

In the future, Home should be coming to more phones; there's no reason it couldn't run on hardware like the Nexus 4 for instance. But it'll probably never work on your ancient, shitty one. While you wait to see if your phone gets an official version, this is a way to take a first-hand peek.

If you're a Facebook user it's probably worth trying for free. Best case scenario, you love it. Worst case, at least you'll be able to articulate why it sucks. [Modaco via TechCrunch]



    Hi there!
    This guy has put in a Chat Heads fix in his updated post

    yeah i tried it on my S3, uninstalled very quickly after.

      Installed on my SIII, but when enabled Facebook Home in Settings, it opened Facebook Home in Google Play with an error message "This item isn't available in your country."
      What's wrong?

        same here...not available in my country(Australia)

    Installed on my Galaxy Note without issue... don't think ill be keeping it

    I'm not usually into tin foil hats, but Facebook needing permission to see what my running/installed apps are gives them a pretty decent view into my choices - not sure if I'm so happy about that...

    Why would anyone want to allow FB to take over their phone, control what they see and do, and invade their privacy for commercial gain? Beats me.

      Good point WillD... only if those tweens get the message... I have a feeling facebook is dying.. slow death... had its moment under the sun... and then ruined it for privacy (or lack there of) and all but destroyed personal interactions... Ain't giving away your private information just so some college dropout can capitalize on it...

    Gave it a shot, but it completely replaces the stock launcher. So no more widgets etc. Does look very pretty though, but not really functional for a phone.

    I may give it a shot on my Nexus 7 tablet if it becomes available for download.

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