Is This A Brilliant Self-Winding Garden Hose Or A Deadly Droid?

The makers of the self-winding RoboReel extension cord are back with a new and considerably larger version that houses an automatic retracting garden hose. It promises to make watering your garden easier and will presumably fend off armies of attacking clone troopers.

A hose attached to your outdoor faucet connects to the underside of the RoboReel to feed it water, but everything else is self-contained and on wheels so you can easily drag it around your property. And in addition to an electric battery-driven motor that automatically retracts the hose and even provides power-assisted extraction, the RoboReel's nozzle serves as a remote control letting you turn the water on and off, or set an auto-off timer if you need to leave it unattended.

It will officially be available next week, and thankfully with its only weapon being a low-pressure garden house, if it decides to turn on its masters the worst you'll suffer is a good soaking.


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