iPourIt: Who Needs Bartenders?

Tired of waiting for the bartender to simply pour your beer while he's busy making a half dozen martinis? You'll want this beer tap technology to make its way to your local drinking hole soon.

iPourIt allows bars and restaurants to place their beer taps out from behind the bar and make them freely accessible to customers — all while not immediately being driven out of business by freeloaders.

That's because iPourIt uses RFID to keep unauthorised customers (i.e. lushes or children) from activating the taps. Customers get RFID bracelets that trigger the beer taps to work while the system tracks how much beer each customer pours — down to 1/100ths of an ounce — and runs a meter that you pay off at the end.

Pouring your own beer at will; sounds like a free-for-all, right? Luckily (for employees) limits can be set for each bracelet, and the bar can deactivate the RFID as well. Now if only it would let you get yourself a buyback. [iPourIt]

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