Inside The Lavish Samsung Galaxy S4 Australian Launch Event

Samsung don't do things by halves these days. It's either all in or it's completely out. Thankfully, for the launch of the Galaxy S4, it has gone all out, setting up shop on the banks of Sydney Harbour in the shadow of the world-famous Opera House to launch its new flagship device: the Galaxy S4. We went behind the blue velvet rope earlier today to get a sneak peek.

Samsung has set up a pavilion for people to come and check out its range of products in the next few weeks, including the Galaxy S4.

Inside is a funky bar setting where a string quartet tunes up in preparation for Guy Sebastian to perform.

Got strings? Samsung does.

This is all part of Samsung's world-tour for the Galaxy S4. They have spared no expense, clearly.

...and yes: those are people with flowerpots on their heads. Don't ask. No idea.

We'll have a full Australian hands-on as well as pricing information later on this evening.

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