If The Beautiful Sky Tower From Oblivion Could Actually Exist That Would Be Great, Thanks

In some ways Oblivion is pretty standard. Alien war. Last humans on earth. Tom Cruise. Etc. But the movie has something else going for it: a stunning backdrop for all the hunting and sleuthing.

The Sky Tower was conceived by Oblivion's director, Joseph Kosinski, during very early treatments of the movie. Kosinski trained as an architect and his eye for design is evident in his directorial style. Everything from his Halo 3 and BMW ads to TRON: Legacy shows a particular futuristic aesthetic. Kosinski told BuzzFeed that:

I built the initial 3-D sketch models of the Sky Tower. A very simple model compared to what ends up in the film, but the basic concept of it was there from the very beginning. That's how it all started.

Kosinski uses his 3D modelling skills to work out ideas and conceptualise scenes and then translates this vision on set (see sketches below). He maintains that he stops short of micromanaging, though he is clearly conceiving scenes at a microscopic level.

I don't try to poke my nose into everything, but I respect the process. It's important to a director to make sure the design is going to allow me to tell the story I want to tell, so I make sure that the set's going to work for all the scenes and it's going to allow me to block out the action and put the camera wherever I want.

Kosinski says that he doesn't miss architecture because being a director allows him to design and depict structures that could never actually exist physically. At least not yet. Who's gonna step up and take a stab at a true sky tower? [BuzzFeed]

Photos courtesy of Universal Pictures


    One day my descendants will live it something like this - jealous .... to say the least

      One day our descendants will be off exploring the universe and have these to come home to :(

        It will be our prison. 200 x 10^3 lb of nuclear fuel will get us to Pluto in 10 Years and it will take 76,500 years to drift to Proxima Centauri in a hollowed out Moon. Getting to Proxima Centauri in 10 years will cause us to be smears on the back of the ship cabin.

    Where did this genius Joseph Kosinski come from... love his work.

    Lily, nice touch on bringing this up. After i saw the film i'm not depressed living in my boring box that i call home. FWP.

    i think i read somehwere that its supposed to be 900 feet high - thats only 275m.
    maybe it was 9000 feet...

    Did anyone else notice that the external stairs led up to the bottom of the pool in the movie? Talk about form over function.

    Last edited 22/04/13 6:54 pm

    Saw Oblivion on weekend and sorry, the architecture did nothing for me.
    If anything, the arm beneath the house annoyed me as being neither practical (to offset weight from what? to absorb shocks from what below? does it swing around like a vane?) nor aesthetic (but that's a personal matter of taste).
    The location (way above clouds) looked nice, but I live 100m above street level where the wind is occasionally fierce, so there is probably no way anyone is just casually walking outside at 275m or more.
    Then again, they had "fusion power" and half the moon was missing, so anything is possible.

    Imagine one night you stagger outside drunk to go for a leak. The end.

    I thought the pool was a stupid idea and a weak point in the CG but the spiral staircase is easily the most beautiful I have ever seen. I also thought the other one you see towards the end, perched on a mountaintop, looked much cooler than the original one.

    I disagree with the pool, The idea to look down and out and see space is quiet amazing. It would be like swimming in the clouds.

    Kami's Lookout (DBZ) is up there in the clouds at the end of a fine cable. Credit where credit is due.

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