I Want To Live In Sydney’s Train Tunnels

I Want To Live In Sydney’s Train Tunnels

Sydney is a pretty great place to be, but I now officially want to try living underground for a few months. Here’s why.

Sydney’s City Circle rail tunnels have today been given the telco network treatment in a state government-assisted project, so now Vodafone, Optus, Virgin, TPG, iiNet, Telstra, Aldi Mobile, Kogan Mobile and Boost Mobile users can get access to voice and data services underneath Sydney. The tunnels have always been blackspots, meaning you had to get all your stuff done before you left a station, which could become problematic.

We’ve been riding the rails today and noticed that the coverage underground is actually faster and better than the coverage available at any of the above-ground stations themselves. Underground is now the place to be for great wireless coverage!

Sydney app developers have also recently put real-time train information into apps like TripView, Triptastic, and others so you know exactly when a train is coming rattling by your “window” if you’re a tunnel dweller.

All I’d need is food and a gas stove, a blanket and some sort of powerboard for all my gadgets. There are outlets down there, right?

Let the underground dwelling commence!

Underground tunnel image via Shutterstock