Hugo Weaving Reprises Agent Smith Role From The Matrix For This Ad

It's been almost 10 years since The Matrix Revolutions, the last film in the Wachowski brothers' sci-fi trilogy, arrived in cinemas. While it and The Matrix Reloaded, failed to impress as much as the original movie, there was one constant that remained of a high quality -- Hugo Weaving's portrayal of the sentient AI Agent Smith. So, of course, we're totally fine with him once again donning the glasses and earpiece, even if it's just for a GE ad.

If you're hoping for a smorgasbord of special effects (slow-motion rain punching, gravity-defying pole spinning, juicy virtual steaks, etc.), the 1:11-minute long ad will disappoint. On the other hand, if you're happy to revel in a bit of nostalgia, you won't mind so much that it's just an advert for GE's medical hardware and software.

On an unrelated note: does Hugo Weaving age? I think he must have kept a few Elven genes from his stint as Elrond.


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    Now he's giving candy to boys?

    Didnt one of the "brothers" become a woman?

      Yup. Spent too much time in the matrix. Looking forward to seeing Cloud Atlas.

      The article should be updated to Wachowski Siblings.

      Good on her for being true to herself, and brave enough to do something about it.

        No it shouldn't. They were still brothers when the final film was made.

          I disagree, it should be changed, it called being respectful, but I doubt you would understand that.

    Say "Mr Anderson" to one of my neighbors who has the same last name whenever I see him XD

    I do a fairly good Hugo.

    Last edited 14/04/13 4:57 pm

    I found that... quite brilliant!

    Hugo would be a great bad guy for a Bond movie or Doctor Who.

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