Huawei: ‘We’re Not Interested In The NBN Anymore’

Huawei: ‘We’re Not Interested In The NBN Anymore’

You can only push them so far, I guess. Huawei, the Chinese telecommunications manufacturer has had enough of the Federal Government’s shenanigans, and now it’s no longer interested in tendering for any work associated with the National Broadband Network according to a report out today.

Huawei’s local head told the AFR today that it has disbanded the working groups it has in place to sell gear to the National Broadband Network Company after enduring a ban on tendering for work associated with the network since March last year.

The government still won’t release detailed reasons into why Huawei was banned from tendering for work, saying only that it’s a “national security concern”. The government is clearly concerned over Huawei’s alleged closeness with the Chinese government.

Chairman of Huawei Australia told the AFR today:

For us, we don’t hold this dying hope of [being involved in the] NBN, we have moved on from that initial decision.

…before adding that the NBN unit had been disbanded in favour of working on future projects.

Read the full interview at the AFR. [AFR]