How To Sleep In Space

While you are sinking into you soft, pillow-top mattress — or pile of rubbish — there are a handful of human beings in space who take to their nightly respite a little differently, by strapping themselves into a zero-G space coffin. Apparently it's better than it sounds.

Chris Hadfield, everyone's favourite ISS explain-gineer offers up the details. Weightless or not, it seems like it'd be weird to trade in a traditional bed for a Velcro sleepvest, but the whole totally-relaxed-anti-gravity zombie thing does look pretty relaxing. Maybe someday us normal folks will get a chance to try it out. [YouTube]


    I bet he jerks off in that sleeping pod.

      What the hell is wrong with you?

        Well his hands do have almost full range of motion in there and he does have a laptop... What's the issue with the observation Mr. Picard is making here? Welcome to the internet.

        6 of every 10 (American) men between 18-60 do it according to a 2007 study (DOI:10.1080/00926230701385514). Why wouldn't they still want to do it in space? Apparently the desire to do so rises with level of education, and being an astronaut I'd imagine you'd want to educate yourself as much - and as often - as possible.

        Pretty interesting question, if you ask me. Pretty high up there with "How do astronauts go to the toilet?"

          Oh, how foolish of me not to recognise the fact that although he made a statement and not a question, he actually made posed a veryinteresting and highly academic question.

      Wait... Where exactly would the... product of his pleasure go after the deed is done?

        In order to get into space you'd have to calculate every need of the human body down to the most minute degree, so I can't imagine that they didn't ponder this question lol

        In a condom would be my first guess. But then what do you do with it? Surely you wouldn't store a waste product... so eject it into space? NEW ALIEN LIFE-FORM DETECTED

        Probably just into a sock like they do in the Navy?

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