How Famous Logos Have Changed Over Time

All the logos you see around you? They're eventually going to change some day. It might be because they get outdated, or it might be because of a new CEO's quirky taste. Just take a look at some logos of famous brands. Even those that still look the same have added some embossing or shading.

My favourite company logos are the ones that change the least.

[Daily Infographic]


    Does anybody really check these dates before posting them on the internet?
    BMW .. Im pretty sure 1970 comes after 1954
    Same goes with Canon 1953 comes after 1935
    Xerox .. Great to see a logo from 20,004

    Seriously, who checks these things?

      You'd think SOMEONE might have proof read it, apparently not.

        "I thought you did it?"
        "No I thought YOU did it?!"

        So Many Mistakes, 20004, from the future

        Last edited 19/04/13 3:14 pm

        Why employ sub-editors when you have commenters.

    I'm curious how there is a volkswagen logo from 1909 when the company was founded in 1937 by Hitler.

      It's a conspiracy. But now that you know the secret, I've got a nice little island for you to live at, Number 8.

      That was my understanding of the company's history too, and Wikipedia appears to confirm that the company was founded on 28 May 1937 by the Nazi 'German Labour Front'. Hitler had become involved four years earlier, wanting to ensure that Germans had as easy access to automobiles as the Americans did.

      Bloody revisionists. At least they left the swastika in the logo.

    I may be wrong but Hitler was leader when the Volkswagen Beatle was created as the "perfect" family vehicle. The company was not established by the Hitler led government.

      "Volkswagen was founded on 28 May 1937 as the Gesellschaft zur Vorbereitung des Deutschen Volkswagens mbH ("Society for the preparation of the German People's Car", abbreviated to Gezuvor) by the National Socialist Deutsche Arbeitsfront (German Labour Front)"

      Oh and "Beetle". Unless the Nazis created a fifth Beatle for their Berlin days.

      Which Beatle was the Volkswagen? John drove a mini.

        It is a good thing I said "I may be wrong..."

        Actually looking at that first Volkswagen logo... it does have a Swastika angle to it....

          it does have a Swastika angle to it.
          That's the first thing I picked up too!

    XEROX was way ahead for its time @ 20004.

      Are you kidding me?! Compared to the logos other companies have in 20004, the XEROX one might as well be 8px wide and in grayscale.

    XEROX present looks like a red Xbox360 start-up logo.

    Has Microsoft come full circle? :-)

      I quite like their newest (and oldest) designs, so no complaints from me =)

    The Mercedes-Benz logo history is a little more involved than this chart suggests. Benz was a separate company from Daimler (which made the "Mercedes" series of cars) then they merged. The first Mercedes-Benz car wasn't made until 1926.

    I need to go buy myself a Xerox machine so I can't print myself through time & space to 20004.

    Lol I like how the Windows logo went through all the changes from 1985 to now but 1985's and today's one look almost the same.

    hmmm so many web 2.0 logos and fonts... thats so 2006

    the windows logo from 1985 looks better than the new one!

    I'd love to know what IBM did in 1888? Since it only founded in 1911. More time travel anyone?

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