Here's How Fast Vodafone's 4G Network Is

Talk is cheap. It's easy for Vodafone to say that it's going to have a fast 4G network, but how fast is it really? We've got first test results.

We tested this at Vodafone's head office at 40 Mount St, North Sydney in a high-rise building. It was tested using the app for Android on an HTC One. Here are the results:

Test One

Test Two

Test Three

So what does it all mean?

On average, we got Vodafone's 4G network to 66.637Mbps down, 22.099 up with an average ping of 30.6ms.

More interestingly, here's a look at Vodafone's internal coverage mapping tool. What you're looking at here is where 4G is going to be on Vodafone in Sydney:

Sure, it's a pretty sketchy shot, but it looks like Vodafone is trying to hit a the major centres in its first phase around the city.



    But it's still not available? One year on still since telstra and optus have their 4g networks up and running? and you think those speedtest results are fair given there's no one on those network?

    and it's great to see sydney? but where's melbourne?

      Where's Adelaide, where's Perth, where's Brisbane etc.,
      Typical Melbournite comment

        Considering that most of the population is in Sydney or Melbourne. They should have priority.

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          No, the priority should be for a service that is reliable and stable and which works at good speeds. It seems that Vodafone is trying to do that, "to get it right" through its testing. Clearly, Vodafone is trying to ensure that it does not have another 3G debacle. They should be commended for that even if it means a slower roll-out. Solid testing is very important. They had to start somewhere and so they chose Sydney. They would have had their reasons for so doing.

            Well duh mate. That's clearly a different priority to the one I was talking about. I was talking about the location of the roll out not the quality of the roll out. Just calm down buddy.

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              Okay, I see that you don't respect politeness. I'll remember that for the future!

                You should show respect by not jumping down peoples throats giving lectures. If you had actually read what I said without getting on your high horse, you wouldn't feel the need to incorrectly 'correct' me.

                  Where the hell do you get the idea of "jumping down peoples throats"? I gave a polite response disagreeing and gave reasons for so doing. If you found anything objectionable in the response, then it is entirely in your paranoid mind.

                You didn't disagree, you simply responded to an issue that the thread was not alluding too. You're actually being impolite by implying to the contrary. I agree with your point but was not the point of was making. Hence, no need to correct me.

                  Calm down nerds, exchange your personal details with each other and fight elsewhere, instead of acting like mere children.

            Good things come to those that wait. Telstra's 4G coverage in Brisbane is totally rubbish covering only a 5km radius. If Voda were to improve on this, it'll be worth waiting for! :)

      You can look up any mobile site in the country by typing the postcode into here:
      Click on a site number in the search results
      Then click "enviornmental EME report" and a PDF will download. In this document look for "existing and proposed radio systems" and if the tower has Vodafone 4G proposed it will be in there.

      It's not possible to go any faster than that, one at a time, unless you are a professional engineer with a login to the site.

      The map that lifehacker calls "sketchy" is just the sites that will have 4G enabled. Allowing for the normal caveat of "this is 1800mhtz and will not work as far away from the tower or as well inside buildings as 3G does", the rollout on the map above looks pretty comprehensive.

      What geeks have noticed for a long time, is that vodafone's 4G coverage will be about as big as the 3 network was, and in some cities it may even go a bit further.

      Telstra are scrambling to upgrade their network before Vodafone launches. Many sites that vodafone has proposed 4G on, telstra have done the same - or done it at telstra exclusive towers nearby.

      Optus are just going about their business, upgrading part of city A, moving to city B through to E in succession, then returning to city A again. They seem to have moved to Brisbane suburbs again now, after doing more in Sydney and Melbourne recently. Adelaide still only has 4 base stations with LTE :( (which doesn't include the airport yet).

        Thank you for taking the time to comment with useful information.

    Of COURSE it's fast ... now
    There's no-one on it

    As soon as more than 2 dogs and a spider are connected their network goes to shit. NO sense of having 5 bars of 3G (4G) goodness if the backbone sucks

      Ding ding ding, give this man a cookie.

      Winner! Even on telstra i used to get these sort of speeds, when iphone was first released, now still good but usually max out around 30-40 mbps.

    Vodafone did announce their test results on their blog a few weeks ago and have acknowledged that 'test' speeds are different to what the customer will actually receive when the network is live. They have stated that they would expect customers to get between 2-40Mbps on a Cat 3 device.

    I think you need to stand very still on George street if you want to achieve that result. Move one bit or just walk to Town Hall station, it all goes pear shape just like any Vodafone products, nothing good can come out of it, it's pure tragic at its best.

    How about in Metro Adelaide with some 3G first Vodaphonies

    Well, its fast... because no one is using it..
    Just like their 3G network until it was oversubscribed...

    BTW.. All hope is lost... Windows XP, Seriously?

    That's actually a pretty terrible coverage map TBH. Just splotches everywhere and nothing consistent. I really hope they aren't launching with that.

      That is a hell of a lot more impressive than what Telstra and Optus launched with...

      Tbh you have no idea what you're talking about. That map is much larger than optus!

    How do these speeds compare to Optus and Telstra? They are just meaningless numbers to me.

    i was with vodafone up until 12 months ago (had no issues with coverage or speed) now im with Redbull Mobile, who piggyback off of Vodafone and still have pretty decent coverage and speeds. i see lots of complaints about vodafone, but i dont have any issues with them whatsoever. i hope they keep getting things right. Telstra can suck a big one.

    Heh, I just realised the PC showing the coverage map is running Windows XP.

    I fail to see why a PC running XP is an issue? Most large business's don't upgrade to a newer OS for a very long time. Hopefully this 4G network will run ok but i don't have high hopes :(.

    Vodafone articles make me sad... :(

    Please no one show this to Malcolm Turnbull, or worse, Alan Jones. They'd happily use this isolated test as more "evidence" of our dreamy wireless future, compared to "obsolete" old fibre optics.

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