Here Are Your Imagine Cup Winners, Australia

Here Are Your Imagine Cup Winners, Australia

Australia has a team going to the Imagine Cup! The results were announced tonight at Microsoft’s Australian HQ and the winner is…

Team Confufish Royale from the University of New South Wales!

Team Confufish Royale returned to the Imagine Cup this year for a second bite at the title after narrowly missing out to Team Stethocloud last year.

Confufish Royale built a logistics system for the tracking and improved distribution of food from big supermarkets and even smaller food vendors to charity organisations that fed the disadvantaged.

Team Confufish won with mere slivers of daylight between it and the second place: Team Trinary Logic from the University of Sydney.

Trinary Logic built a diabetes management app complete with optical recognition of packaged goods and a nifty alerts system that told diabetics how they were tracking with their insulin and sugar levels.

Team Confufish head to Russia in a few months to compete on a world stage as Australia’s Imagine Cup team. Good luck, guys!

Disclosure: Luke Hopewell was a judge in this year’s Imagine Cup.