Here Are Some Stats About How Australia Uses The Internet

Here Are Some Stats About How Australia Uses The Internet

Right on schedule! Moments after Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott ended their press conference about the Coalition’s broadband strategy, the Australian Bureau of Statistics dumped out a whole mess of data about how Australia uses the internet. How fast are you going now?

The data dump can be found right here.

We have pulled out a few key stats:

Get off the phone! Only 288,000 people are left using dial-up in Australia. 11.873m now have “broadband” internet connections.

Wireless is King Break that number down even further and you find that 49 per cent of subscribers as of Dec 2012 use Wireless, not DSL, cable or satellite.

Speed Demons There are 12.1m internet connections in Australia. The majority have connections of between 8Mbps-24Mbps (5.4m). Only 1.6m have over 24Mbps

Data Dumpers Australians downloaded the majority of its data over fixed line services. In December 2012 Australian internet users were downloading a total of 175,490TB per month on our fixed lines, compared to only 9398TB per month over mobile and wireless connections. Presumably that’s due to the high cost of wireless data.

All up, in the three months ending in December 2012, Australians downloaded a total of 554,771TB on fixed and wireless connections — an increase of 209,253TB on data downloaded in the previous year.


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