All The Awesome Movies You Could Go And See This Weekend

You've got a public holiday mid-week. Amazing. Time to relax and see a film, but what should you see out of all the great geek movies out there right now? Here's our pick for the best long-weekend movies.

Oblivion (Click For Review)

It's by no means an instant classic, but it's one of the better sci-fi thrillers — and arguably the most original — we've had in a long time.

Iron Man 3 (Click For Review)

Suiting up has never been as good as it is in Iron Man 3. It's littered with perfectly-timed jokes, amazing action sequences, a top twist and more Iron Man armour than you can poke a stick at. Go see this movie.

Star Trek Into Darkness (Click For Review)

OK, it's not out to May 9, but we've seen and reviewed it — so we'll list it here. Star Trek Into Darkness really is one of the best looking sci-fi movies of our time. It's more spectacular, more beautiful, more action-packed than just about anything I have seen in recent memory. It was always going to be difficult to follow-up the perfectly rebooted universe of Star Trek with a sequel, but JJ Abrams has raised the table stakes once again for every director looking to make a decent sci-fi.

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    Except Star Trek isn't out til the 9th...

      And Oblivion is shit.

      Guess that just leaves Iron man.

        I actually really enjoyed Oblivion.

          Once the found another human, the story line was predictable.

          some people love it, some people hate it... I've heard so many mixed opinions.

        I loved Oblivion. Awesome Scifi film.

          Yeah...but...Tom Cruise...

            it did look very good, and was an OK use of the movie money that i had.

            but Tom Cruise is really this films problem.

    I got excited thinking I could go see Star Trek :(

    "and arguably the most original"... I guess you haven't seen Moon(1999)

      They did say "in a long time". 1999 in many peoples book is a while ago.

        He meant 2009.

          I know there was a nine in there... :p

    Moon came out in 2009.

    Actually, there are no good movies out at the moment (they're all fairly mediocre IMO). Iron Man 3 is the most entertaining I've seen recently, though. Waiting to see Star Trek.

    Personally, if I had to give my pick of 'best' movie out at the moment, I would say Warm Bodies. It's cute/funny in a tries-to-be-Zombieland kind of way, has a deep message about pragmatic socialism, and your gf's will love it.

      I was super surprised my wife enjoyed zombieland.. might have to see warm bodies.

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