Hear All The Great Names For The Facebook Phone In This 'Announcement' Video

So the much-rumoured Facebook "Phone" didn't turn out to be a phone at all. Is that going to stop the internet from milking the now non-existent concept for every last drop of laughter fuel? Of course not.

This video, which features, uh, "exclusive" interviews with the designers of the Facebook Phone, is the work of US comedian Dartanion London, who also brought us this parody of Google Glass.

What I like best about this clip is the constantly-changing name of the device. If Facebook were to ever release actual hardware, I'm sure it would stick with a simple name that included its branding (like, well, Facebook Phone), but I'm partial to a few of the alternatives presented here.

You'd have a hard time convincing Zuckerberg to use them, though.

[YouTube, via TechCrunch]

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